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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

They came, they cooked, they laughed and then they left.....



Magnificent food from morning til night, every day

Beginning with Alex's egg curry, superb dahl and chapatis.
image A Sunday morning trip to the Tas Farmgate market and then... image A walk at Mt. Field through a valley of tree ferns to Russell Falls and the tallest flowering trees in the world, up to 100m high...
image image image.... where the first branches begin at 35m. Here, Hugh is standing on part of a recently fallen tree about 400 years old.

We finished the week with a picnic at the Hartzview Winery How did I get 2 such handsome, delightful, wicked, talented sons?


HAZEL said...

I often wonder how I became the mother of a woman and two men. Accomplished, caring, funny and sensible....How did that happen?

AlexF said...

Thanks for having us mum, I had such a great time!

cityhippyfarmgirl said...

Sounds wonderful... I can't imagine my boys having whiskers one day.

Kate said...

Watching your babies grow into adults must be the greatest joy on earth, I think.