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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Postcard from 43 degrees south, 147 degrees east....

That is approximately where Cygnet, Tasmania is.

I love to read Barbara's Postcard from Paris, where, for some years, she has been writing about her own garden, sweet scenes of the French countryside and rustic musings. Here is a video I just found there .

I have such a diverse range of beautiful plants in my garden this would be a lovely way of preserving them as well as finding people to identify them for me, even after they have finished flowering.

I like his idea of, for example, preserving all the plants on a particular farm or geographic area.



It has been raining solidly since the middle of the night so I lit the fire this morning to keep Pickle and I warm while we laze through Sunday. For breakfast, on the firebox I heated the apple pie I cooked last night, and made my espresso coffee. Cloud has obscured all of my view.... it makes me feel like I am living in the wilds of some remote island.... well, from most places in the world, I guess I am!

Pickle is bored. What is a dog to do on a rainy day but stand on the verandah and dream of digging up bones and chasing rabbits?


Maggie said...

Great idea, great for seed savers to keep a record of the plant they have saved seed from.

Heiko said...

I didn't know there were so may degrees east. You must be in the far east!

Apple Island Wife said...

Raining here too in the north, yesterday that is. Rainy Sundays, guaranteed to make the inmates restless. Had to put the alpacas into the hay shed over night so their fleeces could dry out for shearing this morning...
Hope Pickles gets out for a run soon!