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Monday, November 29, 2010

Cygnet Herb and Organic Fair

Actually it had a longer name but this is what I called it!

image Held in 3 venues in Cygnet, this Sunday event attracted a steady flow of lovely people from the moment it opened at 9am until closing time at 4pm. I had a stall in Carmel Hall and barely drew breath for 7 hours, except to eat morsels from the wonderful David who brought me spring rolls from his friends at the Vietnamese stall, every couple of hours! Luckily I had thought to buy a Farmers' Union Iced Coffee before the fair started.

image From 1pm until 3pm there was a forum of outstanding speakers and the hall filled with people, who sat on the seats provided, filling most of the hall. Speakers included the gorgeous, eloquent, knowledgeable and entertaining Tino Carnevale, from Gardening Australia who talked mostly about integrated pest management. Equally engaging was Prof. Jamie Kirkpatrick who spoke about how to resolve the conflict between nature and conservation.... something that is close to my heart and is why I sell Helen Cushing's book "Beyond Organics" (which I sold out of today!). I was really interested in Dr. John Todd who spoke about air quality in your home and the benefits of having a warm home, and Belinda Robson from Gould's Naturopathica who spoke about herbs and I could have listened to her all day. Celia did a great job of introducing permaculture and taking it from something you do to your land, to a way of living your life.

Sadly I did not get to look at even one other stall and consequently have no photos of anything but my stall and the forum.

image image






I would like to congratulate the organisers from the Huon Environment Centre and especially Jenny and the bloke with the thongs, who was so kind and helpful to everyone who came to him with questions.


AlexF said...

Wow, sounds like a busy day. The stall looks great mum. Can you really buy ice coffee in Cygnet?!

Kate said...

Yes Alex! SA and Tas both have it everywhere.... how else did you think I chose to live in Tasmania??!