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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

One sunny Cygnet day....

The sun was shining and spring was swinging through the trees as I headed outside to take more photos of happy little plants appearing in my garden. I walked this way and that. I sat, knelt, twisted and contorted. I stood, leant and laughed with Pickle. But then, on the way back to the house, something orange caught my eye next to a rarely used little pathway. I had to clear away long grassy weeds to reveal it. It took my breath away.

I have come back to the photos time and time again during the day, between house work and book work; how can anything be so beautiful...... A moment ago, as the sun was setting I thought I'd go and see it again, for real.... and at first I couldn't find it but then I saw a shrivelled crimson flower completely folded up and finished. Oh. Its all over. Just a memory and some photos. All those millions of years to become so incredibly detailed and then it closes up and disappears. There is not another in my garden. Its like I found the secret to perfection and in doing so, destroyed it.

To blaze it across this page would seem brazen and almost rude. So, you will have to click here to open the door. Please click slideshow and enjoy what nature has provided for us.

There were plenty of other beauties in the garden today. I wish we had bird-whistle blogs because it is such a treat to be accompanied by these tiny, elusive creatures as I wander through their home, my garden. In fact I feel I am the newcomer here and that the birds and plants know far more about where I am than I do. I feel awkward saying "my garden" every time I write it or tell people about it, but it is long winded to say anything else! And anyway, they already think I am mad, that would really be the icing on the cake.

image imageMy very most favourite vegetable in the garden is fennel. I have written about it so many times on the Hills and Plains Seedsavers blog. It was one of the first things I sowed when I arrived here but it was obviously too late as it has taken months to get going. Now it is finally becoming plump and beautiful.....soon I will be slicing the crisp, juicy flesh into my salads and those feathery fronds are such a delight to touch and smell and photograph....


If the blossom of the Lady in the Snow apple tree is anything to go on, its going to be another bumper crop
image image


The oak tree is in flower and leaf and the sugar snap peas are as high as an elephant's eye in my poly house

All of the berry, grape and kiwi fruit cuttings people have given me are bursting into leaf

And the wonderful scent from this unknown bush, and many others under the willow, fills the air

Everywhere is a riot of colour and I have no idea what most of it is!

Whatever this delightful little tree is going to be?

The display goes on and on.....

But to me, a veg-garden-holic, nothing brought a bigger smile to my face than the day I removed the cloche and revealed the glory of green I had grown from seed all winter long in my experimental bed.....

which now is screened from my lovely ladies' prying eyes and beaks, and from the ferocious winds, by miles of white shade cloth, cheap polyester fleece, and fish nets gathered from other parts of my garden. Along both sides are raspberry canes, given to me over the last 6 months, and all preparing to provide me with luscious loads of fresh raspberries in the months ahead.
Next I was going to put photos of Pickle's contribution to the day but... ... I couldn't choose a photo - he is soooo photogenic -  so the next post will be entirely Pickle Pics!


Maggie said...

Wow Kate that all looks amazing, wish I could stop by for a coffee.

chaiselongue said...

It all looks wonderful, Kate... all those green spring vegetables and especially the fennel. The flower is exquisite - such delicate petals and the centre is just beautiful. You were lucky to catch it on its day of glory!

Jill B said...

Loved your blog, the unknown perfumed white flower is a viburnum tomentosum, I have just planted one in my garden. thanks Jill

Kate said...

Thank you Jill. Are you the Jill I met recently at Franklin?