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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Pickle Meets the Neighbours

Of course most readers of this crazy blog don't know that Popsy is now called Pickle but that is a story for another day......


Once upon a time a puppy called Pickle was doing some heavy work in the garden when some neighbours came by for a chat

So Pickle put down his tools and went over to greet them

The neighbours asked Pickle if he'd like to go to the mooovies with them...


Maggie said...

Hi Pickles, Oh! and Kate,
Looks like you are busy in the garden and busy making friends with the neighbors, have fun.
Maggie, Tara and Nikki

Rusty said...

So it's Pickle then. Now that souds like an interestig tale. (Pun iteded). ATB!

mangocheeks said...

Call the puppy what you wish, but its certainly pulled my heart strings.

daharja said...

He's adorable!

I hope he enjoyed his *pupcorn* at the mooovies :-)

Maggie said...

I think pickle should have his own blog!