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Monday, July 5, 2010

Et voilà!

imageSaturday is organic beef day and if you are lucky, Gerard will also have rhubarb, eggs and a few veg, but I go to his farm for the best beef around and a chat with a really great bloke, as passionate about food and health as me.

Gerard has 2 lovely little dogs, a male and a female, both Jack Russells. As I patted them and told Gerard how much I liked them and how I was on the lookout for a pup..... his eyes lit up.

As luck would have it, he had advertised 4 puppies just today! Well, I hesitated for 5 seconds before asking to see them; scared to death that I would buy one, right there and then.

image I am a sucker for dogs. As a child my mother always kept 5 dogs on the go; as one got old she would be reading dog books and planning to buy the next puppy. I loved every single one of them. This is the first time in my life I have not had dogs. Well, as you can imagine, the Jack Russell puppies were all gorgeous but the only one to trot out of his basket and come straight up to me was of course the one I bought!



imageSo it happened ........ that on Friday I had my trailer connector fixed and came home with 2 ducks; on Saturday I bought organic beef and came home with a puppy. Et voilà, it happened, just like that.

At the moment his name is.... (laugh as much as you like)..... Et voilà. Oddly enough, he likes the name and cocks his head on one side then runs up to me, wagging his tail. Tomorrow I will take photos of dog and ducks..... if I get time!


image Well it is now Monday and the ducks had flown away 5 minutes after letting them out, yesterday. I could not bear to keep them in the wheelhouse any longer; they looked so sad.

The puppy is gorgeous and pops up on my knee, pops into his basket,  pops up just about everywhere I go and even popped onto my gardening bag for a sleep..... so I changed his name to Popsy! Oh dear! I am terrible with dog names.

Please think of a better one and let me know!


JOC said...

Can't help you there Kate. Terry is called Terry because he's a Terrier! Soooo original.

I suppose Jack is out of the question?

Best I can do I'm afraid.

Enjoy, he looks gorgeous.


Maggie said...

Hi Kate,
I love your new pup and love his name "Popsy".
Lucky you.

Pattie Baker said...

I like Popsy as a name! CUTE!

Aussiemade said...

Oh Kate I do hope your ducks come home to roost. Perhaps they have returned to the mechanics
I had forgotten how cute this little fellow is, arhhh
I am thinking his original name is sounding
Glad to hear he is settling in well. He really has made himself at home hasn't he.
I had forgotten how cute he was how about Rustle...Juniper,
Jardinier, Herbie, Sage,Ash, lucens,Bracken, Bramble, Pepper, Nutmeg, Chili,Rubus, I guess you will have picked up the theme I have going on here

Popsy is okay I just cant imagine if he turns into a dog like his father. lol calling out I liked et voila.

Maggie said...

As a name popsy is cute but maybe not a good name for a "chook bouncer". How about Coco or Sam or Max or ?????????

Pip at Rest is not idleness said...

He is a cute puppie, I like one of @ Aussimade's suggestions - Herbie, nice and short and it seems to suit him.

daharja said...

He looks like a Bugsy Malone to me :-)

Olive said...

Too cute, looks like an OSCAR to me.

Kate said...

I love all these names! But I love "et voila" best. However I feel silly calling it out and having to explain it to people. "Popsy" is laughed at by just about everyone here...although when they see him, they agree its so perfect..... I especially like Oscar and am going to try it out today.

Maggie said...

Variant of Oscar is Ossy or Ossie!
He looks like an Oscar reclining not in his comfy sofa but on the gardening bag.

Aussiemade said...

Yes I can see him answering to Oscar.

Heiko said...

He's gorgeous. How about something beginning with 's'? He seems to have a back to front s on his nose, so if he looks in a mirrir he'll see the first letter of his name. How about socks (our puppy likes socks!)

chaiselongue said...

Whatever he's called, he looks as though he'll be lively company for you, Kate.

We've started eating our Bari cucumbers (pics on my blog) and they're delicious and very crunchy!

Rusty said...

Obviously Popsy picked you! As for the name, well it's different. But you and the pup are the ones who will have to live with whever you chhose. (Grin - helpful, ain't I). ATB!