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Saturday, March 22, 2014

Food 4 Thought: The 2014 National Community Gardens Conference, in Hobart, Tasmania

My fingers want to race over the keys, exploding with words to describe the breadth and depth of discussions at the conference today. However, I cannot do justice to all the speakers as my brain is still too active to assimilate all the information and turn it into something coherent so, for now, I am going to list some links, as much for my own benefit than anything else.

Dr. Nick Rose: Amazing man. Huge ideas with the research, the language and the will to make things happen.

Food Sovereignty Alliance 

Fair Food Week

Let’s reap the economic benefits of local food over big farming

He suggested reading:

Re:imagining Change

Bitter Fruit

The Spirit level

Film to be released mid year:

Just Food

Frank Strie: Now living in Tasmania, Frank is a wonderful and approachable authority on all things biochar.


International Biochar Initiative

He recommended this book:

Biochar revolution

David Stephen: David started a community garden at Creek Road, Lenah Valley, many years ago and still runs it for the good of those wanting to grow food. His compost is second to none and you should see the vegetables it grows! I saw all this on the bus trip yesterday and learned so much from him today at his conference session. There’s nothing recent on the internet about him, which is a shame because he is a real life character with a life time of knowledge and dedication to food gardening in Tasmania. He was Australian Gardener of the Year in 2000.

Other fabulous links to follow up and people to connect with:

Australian Food Hubs Network

Totally Locally

Cultivating Community

The Cooks’ Co-op

Australian City farms and Community Gardens Network

Recipes for Living: Gluten free food everyone can enjoy

Tomorrow is another day at the conference!

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