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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Spring Garden Glory

While I have been working on my vegetable and herb gardens, the rest of my acre has magically looked after itself…. apart from some mowing!

I know this is the most ridiculous thing to say! Gardens are nature and nature always looks after itself but the thing is that the majority of my garden was here when I arrived and all I do is revel in its glory and no time is more glorious here in southern Tasmania than spring.

imageYesterday I was walking though the herb garden when I was caught by the beauty of the late afternoon light on the purple sage. Earlier I had noticed lady birds all over it too so I abandoned whatever I was on my way to do, went inside and got my camera.

Rather than choose some photos to share here, I have uploaded an album for you, to play your own slide show, as they look so inviting at full screen size. These photos are simply the capture of the best of my garden on the day. If anyone should think that a photo or two are worthy of downloading and using, I would be most delighted to share with you.

You will find the album here. Enjoy.


Maike said...

Great pics, Kate! Greetings from Edinburgh! Maike

Kate said...

Maike hello! I had a woman from northern Germany staying last week and I told her about you.

I have been wondering if you are still making the bread?

Hope all is going well for you in Scotland.

africanaussie said...

beautiful photos Kate - your garden certainly doesnt look neglected. I love lady bugs - up here in the tropics we get tiny iridescent blue ones - I must take some photos to share.

Deborah Cantrill said...

Nice pics Kate I'm sure my garden is looking after itself... only i need it to look after me. cheers Deb

Kate said...

Definitely, Deb, you must be suffocating. Hold tight and work hard on those crutches!

Michelle said...

Lovely photos Kate! It's such a treat to see a spring garden, it's getting to be various shades of drab around here.

wayne RODRIGUEZ said...

Your garden is fantastic! I have an outdoor garden and i love to see the happy clump of spearmint. You can't ignore this spearmint. It is filled with bees and it is very happy along the street in our front garden. I don’t sell of the extras, I use it along with other herb blends to lamb, rice, salads, or cooked vegetables.