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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Wonderful Winter Edibles from My Garden

It has been freezing outside today and I have spent most of it inside, cooking. About an hour ago, between showers, I took my basket out to pick a salad…. then I took some photos of what I had picked because it just oozes with vitality; so vivid are the colours, so shiny are the leaves, so crisp and so juicy that I just had to share it, even if only on a blog! (Actually most of it is for the local family I cook for on Tuesdays, but a little bit of everything is for me.)

I could go on about bad food choices, bad agriculture, bad governments, bad, bad, bad…. but I am too happy, looking forward to dinner, to think negative things. Nearly everything I picked today was self-sown, requiring no work from me. If only I could help people get to this point; if only they’d want to come to my “Cook with me from my garden” workshops where I could show them how easy, healthy, worthwhile and delicious it is to live this way. 

imageSandra’s vegan rice way! imageMiners’ lettuce, radicchio, hakurei (Jap turnips), spring onion, mizuna
imageToday’s garden greens and eggs imageSuch shiny parsley….
imageJuicy, crisp, delicious fennel…. imageWinter chicory….
image…and scuplit, Asian greens, etc, all bouncing with vitality. image
Baked pasta, layered with garden veg, topped with home made yoghurt, today’s eggs plus cheese.
imageTasmanian quinoa with snow peas, carrots, lime juice and herbs etc imageMy famous sourdough bread …. that everyone comes to learn to make, in my workshops!

Bon appetit!

ps. You should watch this 6 minute video, to see why I am sooooooo passionate about what I do. And no, I am NOT vegetarian but I only eat meat from animals that once lived in a paddock near me, on land I can see and cared for by people I know.

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