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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Innovative food growing techniques from around the world

Use of waste banana plant - make hole, fill with compost, sow vegetables seeds, water and get natural, fresh vegetables..

Urban Leaves on facebook.

Photo: Use of waste banana plant, make hole, fill the mixture of compost, sowing of vegetables seeds, watering, and get natural fresh vegetables..

Half a ton of Sky Greens……

Singapore’s first commercial, vertical sky farm

Vertical farm in Singapore

A clever addition to “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle”….. Rethink

Crazy Famers’ on Facebook

Photo: mera desh ke dharti sona ugle ugle heere moti <br />crazy farmers salutes India....<br />jai hind!


Heather said...

There is a fantastic library book by
Patrick Blanc - the vertical garden from nature to the city, have you seen it? if not you might like it, your article made me think of it. It is a large book with some big glossy photos and such an interesting person what he has done/his background.

Kate said...

Thanks Heather, he sure is inspiring!! Amazing.