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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

We gathered, we ate, we shared seeds and stories

image Some days are just nice from dawn to dark. My raw milk friend also brought with her today a bough of lemons for me! Here they are, hanging on a chair in my kitchen while I look up preserving lemons in salt.





I have become quite partial to preserved lemons as I adore Middle Eastern food. Meyer lemons like these are perfect for it so tomorrow afternoon that is what I have planned to do.

image After she left, I went out and picked some vegetables and salad greens as Tuesday afternoons I cook meals and various things for a local family. The frost had only been light overnight and had left gorgeous, dewy droplets on the leaves. Left, is broccoli raab; with large, tender, delicious leaves as well as being covered in bright green sprouting broccoli clusters.



Last year I grew lots of red cabbage. After I sliced off the cabbage, I left the short stumps in the ground and they put out more side shoots. Interested to see what would happen, I left them and now they are over a metre high, each with about 3 main stems. One of them looks like it is forming into a red cabbage, a metre off the ground! I continually pick some of the tips and use them in salads or cook them. Also in the bowl are red chard leaves, chicory – green and red, mizuna and various other Asian leaves.

Tonight is Soup and Bread Night at The Red Velvet Lounge and I arranged to have our SeedSaveUs get together at the same time. Lyn brought along seeds with a story…. the son of a friend has recently bought a property from an elderly man who often sold his vegetables at his gate. It seems the man left his seed collection for the next owners too!! Lyn brought some tomato seeds and other things that he had been growing for many years. There were about 10 or so of us at our table, enjoying free soup and bread, nice music, good company and sharing lots of lovely seeds.



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Jess said...

I have just found your blog! I've just moved to Hobart (Old Beach) and I'm planning on starting my own veggie patch - your blog is very inspiring! I love lemon as well, and plan to plant a tree in my front yard this year. Please post the recipe you use for preserving lemons, I'd love to know!