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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Cast your vote, every time you eat....

Food sovereignty: the right of people to produce their own cultural food.... Everyone has the right to grow their food.... don't they?

70% of the world's population is NOT fed by multinational, chemical agriculture; it is fed by people growing their own food. Small scale, traditional, ecological farming systems use less land, less water and fewer resources. They grow healthy, nutritious food and nurture greater crop diversity. They are more resilient, in our changing climate. They feed people direct from land to mouth; saving seeds for next year.

We all eat. We who read this blog all have the power to choose the origin of our food. Grow and buy local, organic, seasonal food. Support farmers' markets and independent shops. Join forces and share with friends and neighbours.  You cast your vote every single time you shop, in fact, every time you eat. Take control of the future of food.

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