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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Find your own piece of the jigsaw and put it in…. that’s all there is to it….

Incredible Edible Todmorden is a story I have been following since the start. In 2008, two women decided to plant some herbs in a public planter box that was full of weeds….. and so began a revolution.


Four years on and they have had another wonderful Harvest Festival, celebrating 3 spinning plates that they have invented to represent the 3 elements which, combined and spinning together, make the movement successful…. find out what they are in this lovely video sent to me by Dawn.

As I watched this, I had tears in my eyes…… this could be Cygnet; this could be us; this is what some of us are striving for….. So, that’s it, today I am taking my seedlings and I am going to plant them in the library garden, uninvited and unashamedly. I will make little signs later, to make it fun and invite participation. Growing food in the community garden is one thing, growing it in the main street of Cygnet is another. I can’t wait…..

ps when I got up this morning and opened my kitchen curtains, there was a cow wandering through my garden. Cows are very big, when they are in your garden!! Now there are hoof prints all over the lawn and the geese have decided to stay in the pond. Soon it wandered off around the pond and back across the dodgy fence in the far bottom corner of my yard. I will have to go and see the farmer!


Anonymous said...

Wow Kate what an inspirational video. Look forward to finding edibles all over Cygnet on our next trip.

africanaussie said...

Hopefully the cow left some manure as payment for wandering through your yard ;) I have planted a few food plants in among the public areas around our units.