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Sunday, April 17, 2011

If Detroit can do it, we all can....


Detroit's Industrial Collapse Gives Birth to Flourishing City Gardening Movement

Urban Roots Trailer from Tree Media on Vimeo.

New documentary highlights the incredible rise of urban gardening in one of the least expected places.

April 14, 2011  |  

The collapse of industrial cities continues: Detroit, once ranked the 11th largest city in the United States, has seen it’s population decrease from 2.2 million to just over 700,000 according to the 2010 census. This Earth month, Tree Media, the creators of The 11th Hour, are releasing Urban Roots, a film that highlights the hopeful emergence of urban farms in Detroit, as a struggling city finds a new voice, and asks the question, when everything collapses, what happens next?

Urban Roots is the latest documentary from Leila Conners, Mathew Schmid, and director and Detroit-native, Mark MacInnis. Urban Roots centers on the rise of urban farms in Detroit where people are taking matters into their own hands. Citizens are working together to create self-reliant communities based on organic food and have transformed many abandoned lots into community gardens and farms. The people of Detroit are taking back Detroit: one garden, one farm at a time.

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AlexF said...

That's a wonderful story. Ironically, the most radical change often happens at times and in places where life is toughest. Agriculture itself was invented as a result of the mini ice age that began 11,000 BCE, which put pressure on foragers to try something new.