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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Blog links

I want to bring all the blog links over from the Hills and Plains Seedsavers blog to this one but I don't know how, short of copying every single one and there are a hundred or so of them! So, I am sorry if you are not seeing a link to your blog from mine, dear internet friends. Eventually I will do it.... does anyone know a way to copy them across?

Evidently this new facility on Blogger to customize your blog does not look good on Internet Explorer 6 or older.... so I am sorry if that's how you are seeing it..... but I have Google Chrome and it looks great here!

OK Hugh, I won't use that font you don't like. Ho hum..... back to being boring again!


Deb said...

Hi Kate
good to see your settling in in Tas
pity you did not spend a few weeks here I could have made you an expert with silcone stuff.Anyway I'm sure your on a steep learning curve and every step will be a exciting and challenging that will make life sing
cheers Deb

Patrick said...

Steph, who has a Blogger blog, says if you want you can create an HTML widget and paste the HTML of your old blogroll into it.

To get the HTML, you first have to go to the front page of your blog and tell your browser to show you the code. On Firefox, right click and select view page source. Then just cut and paste the relevant parts.

It's nice to see on your blog you're settling into your new life. I hope things go well, and look forward to reading more.