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Sunday, February 7, 2010


It has been an absolute delight getting to know Erica's girls again. I cannot imagine two more friendly and fun teenagers who have welcomed me into their lives these last weeks. Today I go back to Adelaide and pack up my stuff, ready to move to my new home in a few weeks, so last night Emma cooked me a special farewell and good luck dinner and the day before, Kristy made delicious choc-mint mousse muffins!

Emma has always wanted to make a pie with a lattice top, so I gave her my mother's shortcrust pastry recipe and she knocked up this wonderful egg and bacon pie.

image image










And then, with the leftover pastry she made this little blueberry pie, which we all ate while sitting on the couch watching The Castle!









Life is good; get there fast and then take it slow!


Gavin said...

The food looks wonderful Kate! I can't wait to read about the garden you have planned in your new backyard!


Maggie said...

All looks great Kate, blueberries, you must grow blueberries!

Kate said...

Yes....blueberries.... and you'll never guess Maggie, but I have a patch of bog to grow them in.... can you imagine?? Come and see me soon Maggie.... well, wait until I get there!

Kate said...

Gavin, bring Kim and the kids and visit me any time!

africanaussie said...

Hi Kate,
That pie looks delicious! I cant get your e-mail link to work, is there something wrong with it? (or maybe something wrong with me!)

Kate said...

Oh goodness.... sorry.... it should work now! Thanks for telling me, african aussie!